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Dried pineapples

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Sold By:BioSoa

Dried pineapple - The exotic fruit to take everywhere with you!

Discover our superior quality dried pineapples, rich in fiber and exotic flavors. Ideal for a healthy and energizing gourmet break, our dried pineapples are easy to transport and enjoy at any time of the day.

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Dried pineapple is a healthy and delicious snack that allows you to enjoy the nutritional benefits of this tropical fruit all year round. Our premium dried pineapples are made from carefully selected fresh fruit, sun-dried with no added sugar or preservatives.


  • Dried pineapples are rich in fiber, vitamin C and bromelain, a digestive enzyme that helps facilitate the digestion of food.
  • Our dried pineapples are natural and contain no additives or preservatives.
  • They are easy to transport, making them an ideal snack to take with you everywhere.
  • Our dried pineapples are available in resealable bags to ensure optimal preservation of their freshness and exotic flavor.

Dried pineapples can be eaten as is as a snack, or added to your sweet or savory recipes to bring a touch of exoticism and natural flavor. They go perfectly with salads, smoothies, desserts and meat or fish dishes.

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