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Rosewood is a wood known worldwide for its quality and density. 

This rosewood honey is produced in the southwest region of Madagascar, more precisely in Morondava

In this region, the tropical tree, emblematic of Madagascar is in abundance.

The honey of rosewood is extracted in the tropical forests of rosewood. 

A much sought-after tree that is unfortunately becoming increasingly rare. 

The nectar that comes from it is not very common and is very appreciated for its fragrance with tender and spicy aromas.


Rosewood honey is harvested in an artisanal way and offers us perfumes of an extreme richness.


This Honey of Rosewood belongs to the Honeys said strong because its taste and its perfume are intense. 

With a fine consistency and generally liquid, it presents a rich and sweet flavor, dark brown honey (see red, long liquid, strong sweetness, strong floral aroma and persistent. 

It is an extremely rare honey.

The honey of rosewood presents an intense and rich taste, but it remains nevertheless elegant and delicate. 


This honey is energetic and balancing for the body. 

It contains vitamins, iron, calcium, amino acids and minerals.


    Honey more healing,

    Very effective for the treatment of sinusitis, angina and similar pathologies, because it is a powerful antibiotic.

    Anti ulcer powerful.

    Helps digestion, but also in case of intestinal problems.

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