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It is in the South East region of Madagascar that we find this tree with multiple barks, whose elegant white flowers are sought after by perfumers around the world.

The Malagasy know the exceptional properties of the Niaouli tree that are found in its honey. 

Niaouli is a tree of the Eucalyptus family that is very melliferous and commonly found in Madagascar.

It comes from a forest far from the smoke and noise of the city. 

Bees in excellent health seek nectar from flower to flower to make good natural honey. 

Our Niaouli honey of 100ml surprises by its powerful and vegetable notes. 


The honey of Niaouli is recognized for its virtues. 

Antibacterial, antiviral and very effective in case of cough, cold and flu.

This honey will quickly become an ally of young parents.


Niaouli Honey is healthy, pure and powerful.

Its honey with the gilded dress has a liquid texture. 

Its powerful taste will be appreciated by the amateurs of honey with the asserted character.

This honey bio, pure and natural invites itself in all the kitchens. The freshness of its powerfully scented exotic notes surprises with its salted butter caramel taste. 

Honey lovers with a strong character will appreciate its powerful taste. 

Its finesse in the mouth is unparalleled. 


Niaouli honey is used in various recipes for cooking, but also for beauty. 

The followers of beauty tricks with natural ingredients will make an essential ally of it. 

Nothing beats a natural face mask made with Niaouli honey. 

Its delicate scent is a promise of escape to the natural environments where bees forage to extract nectar.


Ideal to accompany a slice of wholemeal bread or to associate with an infusion in winter.

Savory cuisine, pastries, breakfast

Texture: Creamy

Aromas :Exotic

Sensory power :


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