International Delivery

International Shipping With Baob'Arts Shipping

We’re expanding the existing standar Postal Shipping program to include all packages less than 4 pounds.

On Baob'Arts you reach shoppers around the world, but international shipping can get complicated.

In order to keep providing you and your customers with the best shipping experience on Baob'Arts, we’re expanding the existing standard Postal Shipping program, provided through our shipping partner, to include all packages less than 4 pounds (except for those going to Canada, which are not affected by these changes).

Now when you buy postage for your international packages, you’ll select standard Postal Shipping. For most orders you’ll be able to track the package from the moment it leaves your door until it reaches the customer!

How it works ?

With standard Postal Shipping labels on Baob'Arts you:

Can buy postage right from your Shop Manager

Get the same delivery times and affordable rates you’ve come to expect

Don’t have to add an extra customs form—we’ll handle it for you

Can contact Baob'Arts Support if you ever have an issue

Choose standard Postal Shipping the next time you purchase an international label on Baob'Arts to see how much simpler it makes shipping.