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Baob-Arts and Fair Trade Artisanal Crafts in Madagascar

Discover how Baob-Arts is committed to promoting artisanal crafts and fair trade in Madagascar by working closely with local artisans. Purchase sustainable and unique handmade products made from local materials and contribute to supporting Malagasy cultural traditions while reducing your environmental impact.

Tutorial: How to make a raffia handbag

This text explains how to make a raffia handbag in a few simple steps. It details the necessary materials, the process of weaving and finishing, and gives practical tips for personalizing your bag. If you're looking for a fun and practical DIY project, this guide is for you!

BioSoa, a Bio brand for everyone

Derived from the grinding of roasted cocoa beans, cocoa butter is a natural vegetable material with numerous benefits. Beyond its use in chocolate, organic cocoa butter is an ideal natural cosmetic product for nourishing and moisturizing the skin on the body and face, as well as for hair care.

The benefits of ginger essential oil

The essential oil of ginger is known for its remarkable properties as a tonic for the digestive system. It has particularly appetizing and stomachic properties. Rich in analgesic and anti-inflammatory compounds, it is useful in case of muscular and joint pains